Hola a todos, que Dios les bendiga, este blog esta hecho para compartir recursos cristianos, puedes tomar o publicar el material que encuentres aqui, para aquellos que se encuentren cosas que tal ves tome de sus blog y no puse creditos, no es por que no quiera es porque a veces no se de donde saco el material, pero para todos aquellos los creditos.

Disfruten del Blog y que Dios les bendiga.


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With Hearts As One / Hillsong United 2008


Disco 1
01-Time Has Come (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
02- One Way (Tokyo, Japan)
03- What The World Will Never Take (Amsterdam, Holland)
04- ‘Till I see you (Edinburgh, Scotland)
05- Take All Of Me (Lisbon, Portugal+Paris,
06- The Stand (Shanghai, China + Vancouver, Canada)
07- You’ll Come (Sydney, Australia)
08- Break Free (Oslo, Norway)
09- Look To You (Johannesburg, South Africa)
10- Where The Love Lasts Forever (Kiev, Ukraine)
11- Forever (Seoul, Korea)
12- There Is Nothing Like (London, England)
13- Tell The World (Jakarta, Indonesia)
14- All Day (Mexico City, Mexico)


Disco 2

01- Take It All (Manila, Philippines)
02- My Future Decided (Memphis, USA)
03- All I Need Is You (Cape Town, South Africa)
04- to Save (Orlando, USA)
05- Nothing But The Blood (New Jersey, USA)
06- Hosanna (Berlin, Germany)
07- Fuego De Dios (Fire Fall Down) (Asuncion, Paraguay)
08- Shout Unto God (Buenos Aires, Argentina+Copenhagen, Denmark)
09- Salvation Is Here (Budapest, Hungary)
10- Love Enough (Sydney, Australia)
11- More Than Life (Orlando, USA)
12- But Jesus (Toronto, Canada + Buenos Aires, Argentina)
13- From The Inside Out (Rio De Janiero, Brazil)
14- Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High)(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
15- Saviour King (Vasteras, Sweden)
16- Solution (Los Angeles, USA)